Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Roban 12 million iOS UDID stored on a laptop FBI

For those who do not know, a UDID is a unique device identifier. This is a code that uniquely identifies a iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad , regardless of whether changes ownership. You can modify and represents something like the ID of the device.

For example, are used for developers to register their devices in iTunes Connect, so you can test beta versions of iOS and test their own apps while being programmed.

Recently it has even been known that some developers were using it for convenience to identify users and their devices (instead of using a login or a phone number), but privacy issues Apple stopped allowing this practice.

roban 12 millones udid ios 1 Roban 12 millones de UDID de iOS almacenados en un portátil del FBI

It is apparent that a laptop belonging to an FBI employee had stored several million of these identifiers. Special Agent CK Stangl realized in mid-March 2012 that your Dell Vostro had been hacked using a vulnerability in Java.

One of the files that were removed are called "NCFTA_iOS_devices_intel.csv", and contained more than 12 million iOS device UDID. And what is more serious, including details such as the user name, the name and device type, zip codes, addresses and phone numbers. Many of these fields were huge gaps in the table, but others were booked.

Fortunately, it appears that the scandal has not splashed any account or password. That is why we consider this problem as relative to privacy rather than security. Nobody likes that your data is out there in the hands of a hacker, so that those responsible should be put to work to solve the problem.

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