Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review of iPhone 5 video (in English)

 Review del iPhone 5 en vídeo (en inglés)

Failing that my colleague Paul Ortega put the long teeth with his analysis of the iPhone 5 which will tomorrow, on the net and there are numerous videos and photographs taken by the media who have been enjoying a few days before the rest of us .

All agree that the iPhone 5 offers everything you want for the iPhone 4S by the talk of the logical evolution of a piece of technology but without ever mentioning the word disappointment. Moreover, this iPhone 5 is more powerful, has more autonomy, greater screen and is thinner.

If you can not wait until tomorrow to see the analysis of the iPhone 5 that will bring you exclusive, here is the CNET that although it is in English, will help to dispel doubts about your potential next smartphone.

Click here to watch video

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