Friday, September 14, 2012

Reserves and start time of issue of the iPhone 5 increase

 Comienzan las reservas y los tiempos de expedici├│n del iPhone 5 aumentan

Now I've been writing for iPhone since shortly before the release of the iPhone 4 and since then, I have always lived in the same feeling every time before the keynote and subsequent thereto.

Earlier rumors are. Such reports every half weary "serious" launching daily to tell everything he knows about the next Apple product. Some are right more accurately than others but what nobody can deny is that the iPhone 5 will not have left any secret kept, everything has been known before time.Therefore way, that reminds me that the views of many of you with these Rumors are often "is fake, like a Chinese mobile".

Take the day of the keynote and new product launches. Hands on your head and huge disappointment after seeing that the iPhone has not been reinvented again. They spend a couple of days, open the terminal reserves and runs low. Is the iPhone 5 as disappointing as people think?

In the United States, France, Britain and Germany, the time of issuance and are located at a maximum of three weeks and a minimum of two. Surely they grow as they have adapters for Lighting. Gentlemen, history repeats itself and another year will see record sales again.

And you have already booked the iPhone 5?

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Source - iSpazio

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