Monday, September 3, 2012

Reflections on a possible iPad Mini

Today we will reflect on the real possibilities we see a Mini iPad by end of year. Let's leave aside for a moment outlandish rumors about its features, and we will focus on those that are most likely information.

posibilidades exista ipad mini 1 Reflexiones sobre un posible iPad Mini


It seems that the screen is 7.85 inches diagonally, but to cut costs will not have the desired resolution Retina Display. Most analysts pointed to a 1024 × 768 pixels, to keep compatibility with existing applications (163 dots per inch).

posibilidades exista ipad mini 2 Reflexiones sobre un posible iPad Mini

Technical Specifications

This miniature iPad perfectly could bring quad-core processor and graphics card need not be as powerful as the new iPad . The internal memory Apple will move as he usually does: between 16 and 64 GB capacity.

As for the camera, we can say that would not make much sense without camera device at this point. Even without much use on a tablet, at least the front would have to be present to do videoconferencing with comfort.


Many experts say that an iPad Mini out shortly, will look quite the iPad 2 but with the small size. Others suggest a complete redesign, as a sort of advance to see if the market accepts the profound changes presented next Apple tablet in 2013. Something that might look like an iPod Touch but bigger.

posibilidades exista ipad mini 3 Reflexiones sobre un posible iPad Mini


Price is the key factor of this device trinufo. With competition around $ 200, the most basic iPad Mini should not exceed $ 250 for access to the entire mass of users who are wanting to try a tablet with iOS, but can not afford the cost of an iPad.


While some claim to be presented at the "One more thing" the keynote of September 12th, it is wiser to think of an event part, closer to the Christmas season. Since the main area of ​​potential buyers is to students and gamers, the months of November and December are the most sought after in all the pools.

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