Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pre-selling iPhone 5 with Telmex

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So, Telmex on your page and make link to where we can buy the iPhone 5, do not specify the delivery day, so we can not be sure when delivering.

A movement that reveals that the lack of official date is due to any technical specification, aka nano-SIM, which is not being met but are already working on it.

They offer 36-month plans for purchase, or cash, and then if anyone is encouraged to purchase and this will reveal the date of delivery do it know.

These are the prices:
iPhone 5 64GB $ 15,999.00
iPhone 5 32GB $ 14,749.00
iPhone 5 16GB $ 12,149.00

And this is the direct link to the page where I sell:

@ David thank you very much to inform us about this

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