Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poll of the Week: What do you think will eventually be the iPhone 5?

Screen Shot 2012 09 11 at 9.33.40 PM Encuesta de la Semana: ¿Cómo crees que será finalmente el iPhone 5?

Have a few hours to see how the iPhone 5 will be eventually. There is great division in the net right now among Apple fans who think the company surprised with a totally revolutionary and different design compared to previous models and those who think that the leaks of recent weeks are real.

In this open survey can choose one of two options. You can see the results, which will look at the Special Podcast launch just after the end of the keynote of San Francisco. So, do you think that the leaks are false and have the hope that Apple surprised or conversely you agree that the iPhone 5 will present a design similar to the iPhone 4 but with wide screen and metal back?

Do not miss the special coverage are doing from News iPhone.

¿Cómo crees que será el iPhone 5?

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