Sunday, September 9, 2012

Photos of the new Apple dock connector compared to micro USB

Among the many changes we expect to see in the new iPhone 5, the new dock connector stands as far as relates inputs and outputs. Indeed, this new slot will be much smaller and thinner than the current one, allowing a reduction in space important to notice at first glance.

Any information that comes out about this new connector is interesting. Not for nothing is the first time Apple changes the dock of their mobile devices since its inception (including iPhone 4S was the original connector). However, we do not know much about him beyond that will have 9 pins.

nuevo conector dock apple comparado Fotos del nuevo conector dock de Apple comparado con el micro USB

Today we have seen some pictures in which he is seen with a USB connector and its variants. From them we can infer that the new size will be similar to the smaller model of micro USB.

The blog is the same source who leaked French original images of this new connector dock last August. Since then, we've seen it so many times that we take it for granted for the new iPhone 5 .

nuevo conector dock apple comparado 2 Fotos del nuevo conector dock de Apple comparado con el micro USB

If you have set out to tell, you will see only eight pins. This is because the outer metal contact ninth ago, so we can infer that the connector is fully symmetric and can connect and operate regardless of orientation.

You can imagine the number of devices and adapters that will come out for this new connector. It would be very rare that Apple would stop supporting the old connector 30 pins so that many users will want to continue using it on devices that are not in principle that entry.

Do you like the look? Should I go to the Apple USB micro able to use any cables or connectors should continue to take their exclusive?

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