Thursday, September 13, 2012

Phil Schiller explains why the iPhone 5 will not have NFC

NFC iPhone 5 Phil Schiller explica por qué el iPhone 5 no tiene NFC

This year, like last year, many people expected that Apple will add NFC to the new iPhone. Even after seeing some entirely dismissed reports that the iPhone 5 incorporate NFC, some still had hope set on that Apple incorporated late.

Unfortunately, the presentation of the iPhone 5 is over, no mention among its features the NFC. The company has confirmed that the phone does not have mobile payment technology. We are going to explain why.

In an interview with AllThingsD, senior vice president of marketing at Apple explained why they decided not to include NFC:

"Phil Schiller said in the interview that Passbook only does what most customers want and work without pay current commercial systems.

According to Schiller, it is not clear that NFC is the solution to any problem now. "Passbook does the kind of things that customers need today." "

Passbook, as most know, is a new application for iOS 6 that allows users to store things like gift cards, boarding passes and tickets to events. And many people think that NFC would be a great companion for this service.

Schiller also noted in the interview to the rumored wireless charging . The world of technology really did not expect the iPhone was able to charge wirelessly, but the new Nokia Lumia 920 yes it does, which begs the question: why not Apple?

"Schiller says wireless charging systems still need to be connected to an outlet on the wall, so it is not clear which is the best option. The widely adopted USB cable, meanwhile, is able to charge through electrical outlets on the wall, a computer and even on airplanes.

Having to create other devices to be connected to the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated. "

Finally, Schiller spoke about the new dock connector "Lightning" of Apple. He said trying to build devices as thin as the new iPhone or new iPod would be "simply impossible" without changing the size of the connector.

Schiller ended connector ensuring that this will last many years in Apple devices.

All the info on the iPhone 5 at the following link:

Apple iPhone 5

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