Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Passbook ticketea commitment in Spain

With the imminent release of iOS 6 (at least we hope), we will receive a new application on our devices: Passbook. This application will allow us to carry around tickets, tickets, discounts, etc.. in digital format.

Of course, for that to work, have to be the companies that implement them into your system, so we receive them with open arms, as the news that we give, and that is that ticketea has decided to support this new technology, and from today you can download the Passbook format entries.

This way we can buy into and stop worrying about whether we have lost or forgotten the day of the event.

Furthermore, using the phone's time and location, the entry will appear automatically at the venue of the event, making it up to date at all times, for example by changing the schedule or location.

Hopefully more companies gradually add support to this system and we make the most in Spain.

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