Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One report puts the iPad Mini in production at Foxconn factories

Just a week ago that showed the iPhone 5 , and it seems that Apple will not stop. With the launch of its new smartphone to take place, much of the company is embroiled in the immediate future projects.

Rumors about the iPad Mini have been accompanying us throughout the summer. Remember that it would be a tablet of 7.85 inches, which would compete against Google's Nexus 7 or the Amazon Kindle Fire. Its price should be around 250 € to be competitive, and have a similar power to iPad 2.

Well, according to a report today that we have known, the iPad Mini will launch this year. In fact, there appear to have entered the stage of mass production, and that Foxconn and Pegatron factories in Asia are dividing the work to get more units in less time.

ipad mini informe fabricas foxconn Un informe sitúa al iPad Mini en producción en las fábricas de Foxconn

This rumor comes from Taiwan's Economic Daily News, and the source is a security company that operates in Southeast Asia. The report suggests that Apple is trying to wean completely from Foxconn, with the idea to diversify their production with devices like the iPad Mini.

The truth is that if we add this to all the leaked photos we have seen during the summer, things start to make sense. Personally rooting for the presentation of a Mini iPad ahead of the Christmas season, with emphasis on the students and gamers.

According to some analysts, the coming-of mysterious tablet will be during the first half of October, so there is little to see if these rumors are true or not.

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