Thursday, September 13, 2012

NoCoverFlow: horizontally without Coverflow music

NoCoverFlow NoCoverFlow: musica en horizontal sin Coverflow

Personally I like CoverFlow, but since there is a modification for each type of person in Cydia and sure there are people who hate to jump when they put the iPhone Coverflow in landscape mode has gone so NoCoverFlow.

NoCoverFlow is a modification that eliminates CoverFlow to put the iPhone in horizontal, and not only that, implements the normal use of the Music app in landscape mode, ie makes the normal appearance of the application is the one that appears when you turn landscape iPhone. If every time you curse the Coverflow graves this is your solution.

You can download for free from Cydia, you'll find it in the repo You need to have done the jailbreak on your device.

More - Privata: Private Browsing Quickly (Cydia)

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