Monday, September 10, 2012

New iPhone 5 concept video, this time super-dimensional!

iphone 5 concept 622x350 Nuevo concepto de iPhone 5 en vídeo, ¡esta vez super dimensional!

The people's imagination is limitless. Now we have taught on several occasions some videos with iPhone 5 concepts made ​​by Apple fans. Today we bring you a fairly imaginative and very well done.

In this video we see an iPhone 5 with wireless charging, fingerprint unlocking, with Siri notification center that communicates with other devices and acts as a Mission Control in OS X, and most amazing, a system by which when we pinch to zoom in iOS gets bigger, not only images or web pages, also the device!. Start being an iPhone 5 and iPad can become a mini or a new iPad.

The video was made ​​by Atama Studios. I'm just saying they could have implemented the possibility of tweaking to reduce and transform the iPhone into an iPod nano, for that matter. Here it is:

Will you follow the keynote with us ? We hope so!

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