Sunday, September 23, 2012

New iPhone 5 Commercial

Yeah, I know, I know, is somewhat old news (if you can consider something old left four days ago), but I share the commercials that Apple prepared for the arrival of the flagship: iPhone 5.

In this first video, the idea is to sell it but the screen is bigger, still retains the principle of being able to use the phone with one hand, specifically with the thumb, which I personally appreciate, and use it well most of the time.

The second mode we presumed "panoramic picture" that is built into iOS 6 of the iPhone 5, which I can do on my iPhone 4 because "there's an app for that" : P

Here we are told how Apple can go against the laws of physics by more powerful devices, but smaller, because their similarities screen and anorexia

And finally in this video we are told that the ears are rare, and that's why they designed new headphones, because the ears are round or not?

I think Apple is still with the same strategy, and why not, if it has worked, and will focus on commercial highlight will choose not characterize yourself and say "I'm better than ...". And while the region 4 will have to wait and see when we get this iDivice

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