Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Need to create a website for your app succeed in the App Store?

 ¿Necesitas crear un sitio web para que tu app triunfe en la App Store?

Website to market my app, yes or no?

This is undoubtedly one of the most common questions we get when developers try to promote our applications. Create a dedicated website is a great effort that many small developers are not able to assume. Post an app in the App Store is a great investment, and create a site could make even harder the fall, so with this background it is not surprising that small firms arise if good idea or not to invest in this type of marketing.

The company AppClover, online marketing specialist, has studied more than 100 applications in the store bill and gives us an interesting fact: 98% of them have strong online presence. It should web. Point.

But how should we deal with this challenge? Where should we put more emphasis? I recommend starting with the easy. Having a good fan page (fanpage) Facebook and Twitter interesting is fast, simple and absolutely free, and we only spend 10 minutes a day to keep him alive. In addition, we ask our friends to help us move and make it known. The next step would be to create a website where host our own content. Here too find excuses: host a website on a decent server can get away for less than 5 € per month and there are plenty of Joomla or WordPress templates that will give your website an amazing look in just a few minutes.

 ¿Necesitas crear un sitio web para que tu app triunfe en la App Store?

The next level is to have a sexy YouTube channel. Here the problems begin: create quality videos, believable and interesting, expensive and difficult, but as always we can make life a little easier internet rummaging slightly. There are websites like or where we outsource our video reviews on apps for less than $ 50 with a more than acceptable quality. Of course, if you want a broadcast quality video review ready to drop $ 1.500. For a very reasonable amount we can explain to our potential customers how our application.

At this point we have a pretty reasonable online presence, but we need to put the icing on the cake, and what rules here are the banners on specialized websites. Nothing brings more cache and more presence to us that a good banner announcing our brand new product and cost a lot less than we think developers, but I assure you that we can make literally a million people see our product. IPadizate is undoubtedly one of the best advertising media where our apps or games for iPad.

Other important issues that we must not neglect are: having a good online support visible, have a press area, and most importantly: a contact form.

You can not imagine the amount of indie companies with which it is completely impossible to contact ....

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