Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Middle Manager of Justice now available on the App Store

Double Fine's game: Middle Manager of Justice , is now available on the App Store. As discussed, this game will take control of a superhero headquarters, where we have to take care to build, upgrade, hire and, of course, lead the superheroes to save the world.

The gameplay of Middle Manager of Justice is so fashionable lately, and especially in this type of game, where we have to take action and wait X minutes or seconds to perform, and improve the strength of our heroes, motivate or install a new training room.

The good thing is that it is free (and universal), but using In-App Purchase can buy items to avoid having to wait so long for each action and evolve faster.

Double Fine's Tim Schafer and Tim Schafer is the creator of some jewelry like Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, so we have to give it a try on this new journey in iOS., Along with the company Dracogen.

Middle Manager of Justice

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