Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marvel Avengers Initiative Launches for iPhone and iPad

Avengers Initiative MARVEL the new game on the universe of The Avengers, is now available in the App Store, for iPhone and iPad. This new game, Infinity Blade style, we may in the skin of different Avengers.

The game will appear episodically, Hulk being the first elected (in the following episodes will control Captain America, Thor and Iron Man). The "good" is that when they leave the new episodes will be downloaded for free once we buy the game with the first.

His style, either combatant or advancement, equal to Infinity Blade , so we have to go in search of different enemies and use the touch screen to make gestures that allow us to attack, dodge or defend.

The game begins with a mass escape in The Vault, a prison for super villains, so Hulk will have to deal with defeat and capture them again.

As we move forward we will level up and customize your character with new costumes and powers, which will allow us to be even stronger.

The game is universal, so you can download it to your iPhone or iPad.

Avengers Initiative

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