Thursday, September 27, 2012

LTE connectivity situation in Spain

As you know, tomorrow Apple launches the iPhone 5 in the second round of countries, among which is Spain. One improvement that incorporates the terminal off the previous models is the LTE connectivity, high demand in countries like the U.S. and that is the future of connectivity in mobile networks.

However, nothing is further from reality, in Spain this technology still needs time. The LTE is an evolution of 3G networks that can reach speeds of up to 326 Mbps downstream and 86 Mbps upstream.

We place the LTE as a predecessor of 4G networks that allow data transfer rates greater. The New iPad, for example, includes support for this technology.

Currently leading mobile operators are working to evolve their networks to 3G LTE, which, to give you an idea of the backlog that we have in Spain, provides a massive extension of this connectivity by 2015, not be until 2020 when the 100% of the Spanish population can reach speeds of 30 megabytes mobile and 100 megs to 50% of the population.

In the case of Vodafone, its network enhancements are present in cities like Malaga, Madrid, Santander and Barcelona, ​​performing tests that will spread to other areas with high traffic demand. In the first test in real environments have reached speeds between 85 and 90 Mbps

Movistar has conducted its tests in Barcelona LTE connectivity . Movistar want to place mini base stations to operate on 2.6 GHz bands and thus relieve network congestion.

Importantly, the more higher the frequency of a band, more capacity will support users, ideal for crowded urban environments but, instead, enjoy a lower coverage (somewhat remedied by installing more antennas).

Instead, low frequency bands of 900 MHz as used in rural settings, enjoy much greater range and indoor penetration but which, however, fewer support members.

Orange, however, chose Valencia as a pilot city to test their LTE networks, and predict that "soon" will trade deals with this kind of connectivity.

Finally, since we only promise Yoigo "surprises" related to LTE to be launched soon.

So you see. In countries like the U.S., Canada, and even European level if they can see the improvements in connectivity and New iPhone 5 iPad as something noteworthy and consider as important reason for purchase. However, Spain still remains anecdotal and medium term will be well.


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