Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lightning, the new connector for these device Apple iOS

The presentation of the iPhone 5 from Apple has been a success. After presenting its spectacular features, those responsible for the design have emerged on stage to present the connector that replaces the old dock using the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

To begin, we must say that all the rumors are confirmed in this aspect. The truth is that the images of the new 8-pin dock connector leaked several months ago, and from the first moment they seemed quite credible.

conector lightning apple 1 Lightning, el nuevo conector para los dispostivos iOS de Apple

It is 80% smaller than the one that came out in 2003 and has accompanied us since. However, we can use it face up or face down, it is reversible. This makes handling easier.

In addition, the materials have been improved to make it more resistant. Surely more than one has found his charger stopped working for him stepping on the cable at the wrong moment.

His name is Lightning, and it seems that is positioned for a number of years as the official wire iOS products. Surely many manufacturers are already thinking about how to adapt their accessories to fit this new dock connector.

conector lightning apple 2 Lightning, el nuevo conector para los dispostivos iOS de Apple

The good news for those who have one or more of the old 30-pin connectors, is already working on an adapter to use the iPhone 5 with any of your old accessories.

Of course, we may also acquire the reverse converter to use the new Lightning on devices like the iPad or iPhone previous generation.

Do you like the design? Are they very expensive adapters between different formats? They are some of the questions we ask the former owners and connector.

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