Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kingdom Rush, a great tower defense game free for a limited time

Tower defense games there in droves, but most go unnoticed by the App Store. Kingdom Rush is not one of them. And in this case, the game has received various awards for their quality.

In Kingdom Rush have to prevent enemies from reaching our castle, and for that we have to put different types of buildings along the way, the good thing is that all this is done with graphics and animations are very well maintained, lots of enemies different, powers, attacks and upgrades.

Based on four basic constructions give us soldiers, archers, mages and gunners, we go updating them to improve their range, power and life, up to a point where specialization can buy units or special attacks such as rocket launchers, elves or Paladins.

In addition, we keep improving the qualities of our troops and allied s, by swapping stars for improvements or coins for various objects, such as dynamite, extra life or pumps.

The game can be downloaded for free for iPhone / iPod Touch for a limited time, so do not hesitate, the game is worth it. It also has a version for iPad pay.

Kingdom Rush | Kingdom Rush HD

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