Monday, September 3, 2012

It is said, is discussed: New Headphones for iPhone 5?

By now, there are many rumors on what the iPhone 5 and accessories that include, as already discussed new dock connector. Now the latest news circulating in the network are possible redesigned headphones that could complement the new iPhone.

These are the characteristics of the new model:

  • Are better integrated and easier on the ears.
  • They are smaller and blend more than we had so far, for example (apparently less than the previous stand and cover more).
  • The component parts are more compact and have joined (in current comparacióncon whose surface seemed to be separated from the rest of the device or be a separate piece).

In the video below, is a comparison between potential new headphones and had hitherto used the previous iPhone model.

In short, this is (say) of a design more like Apple, because the redesigned a different factory, located in Vietnam (the former was in China), which has managed to gather more the style and appearance of products Apple.


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