Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is it worth it to jailbreak iOS 6?

On a subject as controversial as the jailbreak everyone has their opinion. What if cumbersome, if given fault, if the system slows down ... the truth is that nobody can deny that opens up a world of possibilities, and that allows a party to get iOS devices with which in principle could not even dream.

Today we will hear the views of some of the members of Big Boss, one of the most active teams working on new tweaks for your iPhone or iPad. The comment you made ​​in your blog coincides with what is the general feeling of the community jailbreak on iOS 6: not worth it.

It may seem a little disappointing, but according to him, switch to iOS 6 is a useless step. I think it is by far the worst operating system upgrade that Apple has made ​​since its beginnings in the world of mobile devices. He adds that it looks more like an iOS 5.1.2 to 6.0.

merece pena ios 6 jailbreak ¿Merece la pena hacer jailbreak a iOS 6?

His reflections are still talking about iOS 6 does not bring anything new or interesting, and (here's the key), and what little innovation could be done from the corresponding iOS 5 Cydia tweaks. According to him, the removal of Google Maps or YouTube native app is a robbery, and expected to come soon in the App Store without any fault.

It is true that the presentation of iOS 6 was quite risky, with a radical change in the map system, which is now relatively incomplete. However, other proposals to be yes to note, as integration with Facebook, improvements in Siri, the camera Panorama mode and more.

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