Tuesday, September 18, 2012

IPhone News renews its design introduced many innovations

theme actualidad iphone Actualidad iPhone renueva su diseño introduciendo muchas novedades

Many of you may have noticed that the iPhone News team has been working hard to bring you news on your favorite blog on iPhone.

The first one is a visual change. The website now features a visual theme more modern and clean for you to read without distractions.

The posts have a star voting system for the you rate yourself. This is a very useful tool to assess the content of the posts we post. We hope you give good use of it. icon wink Actualidad iPhone renueva su diseño introduciendo muchas novedades

The comment system has also been renovated and has opted for the popular platform Disqus. Now it will be easier to highlight comments really useful against those who do nothing. You can also use your Twitter or Facebook account (among others) to create your own profile on iPhone news and other blogs that use Disqus.

Hope you enjoy. Now to wait for iOS 6 that you know will be available tomorrow.

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