Sunday, September 23, 2012

iPhone 5 to Mexico Overseas-Things to consider

Yes, the iPhone 5 is already in the world, and after 2 million pre-orders, and the long line for the latter iDivice, I want to share some points to consider and clarify doubts there.

The first is that there is no official release date in Mexico, so that's why we can expect to reach us by the end of the year, and possibly (Jobs forbid) until next year. No Mexican cellular company has spoken, and even pointed preorders arriving until December. The reason you can see two factors, the first would not have the amount of nano-SIM is needed, and the second (just my idea) that the delay a bit to match the output of the LTE network of companies, it seems more likely since the first launch in Europe in countries without LTE network.

They must be very, very, careful if they want to buy an iPhone overseas and bring it to Mexico, this is because as we know the nano-SIM is very different from the micro-SIM, and besides having to cut the plastic, should sanding the back of it to make it thinner, and yet there is no guarantee of the same functionality. There are several pages that tell us how to do this procedure, but not so risky that is.

Another point to consider is that eventually IUSACEL, TELCEL, MOVISTAR and will launch its LTE network in fact already signed an agreement to know that spectrum is used, the when is something we do not know for sure, what we do know is to use the 700MHz band, Asia Pacific model not the U.S., which says the model to consider if one day we wanted to use the LTE in Mexico. However the iPhone if it works with existing networks of Mexico, from GSM to HSPA +, so this would not be a real impediment to not launch the iPhone.

Personally I'll stay waiting to have it so "official" in Mexico, my plan already expired, and my iPhone and it begs to retire, if I have to wait until December, then wait. Do you?

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