Saturday, September 29, 2012

IPhone 5 price in different countries

If you are thinking about buying an iPhone 5, surely you want to see what prices are being offered in different countries. Even for comparison. We know the places where the old iPhone models are more expensive, are countries such as Russia, India or Brazil.

The iPhone 5 has not yet gone into them, but hopefully when you make an appearance, prices in these areas continue to be abusive. Today we will analyze a chart courtesy of SetteB.IT Italian website, which has been busy collecting the desired price of the Apple smartphone in a number of countries.

precios distintos iphone 5 paises 1 Precios del iPhone 5 en distintos países

This is a graph of the prices of the three models of iPhone as capable. In yellow, you can see the 16GB. In blue, the 32 GB. And in pink, the 64 GB. The prices offered are free terminal, then offers operators depend on too many parameters that are not easy to control and capture in a graph.

You can click on the image to enlarge. Notice that next to the country name in brackets attached VAT (or equivalent tax) applied to buy the terminal. Prices listed above bars are added to the tax, so you do not have to sumárselo.

precios distintos iphone 5 paises Precios del iPhone 5 en distintos países

The best prices in the world for the 64GB model may be found in Hong Kong or the United States. The latter is only an estimate, because the Californian company does not offer free terminal in your country.

However, the country where Apple is more interested is China, so it does not take long to launch its iPhone 5 in the Asian giant.

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