Thursday, September 20, 2012

iPhone 4S hacked to access photos and contacts

iphone user iPhone 4S hackeado para acceder a las fotos y contactos

The truth is that iOS is pretty sure to find a jailbreak is becoming more difficult in iOS 6 Apple has closed hundreds of bugs and security holes.

In the contest held in Amsterdam called Pwn2Own a group of German security experts have hacked the iPhone 4S through an exploit in Safari, have done in seconds, but it has cost them three weeks to create the tool. With this exploit and thereby permits get access to photos, contacts, etc..

The team won $ 30,000 for this feat. They say that the exploit still exists in iOS 6, so the iPhone 5 will also be susceptible. Do not think that this can be done jailbreak exploit, most likely not. This may force Apple to remove the first update of iOS 6.

Not if you remember, but last year's winner, Charlie Miller, has been hired by twitter recently to deal with the social security network.

Source - IDB

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