Thursday, September 20, 2012

iOS 6 closes the security hole found by pod2g SMS

92397 iOS 6 cierra el agujero de seguridad en los SMS encontrado por Pod2g

I have already said that Apple has closed many security holes in iOS 6. Among them found by pod2g and that could make in the SMS spoofing

The problem has been around since the first iPhone and was still present in iOS 5. Apparently a user could change the address to which the SMS reply when answering, may cause it to respond to a service fee to be charged for more than one euro, as do premium rate services. Could also be used to simulate the SMS comes from the bank and private information. The problem was not unique to the iPhone, but the fact that the iPhone does not show who you are responding to the SMS when you respond, facilitating the use of this exploit. Apple has solved is the complete list of exploits closed here.

Source - iClarified

More - pod2g discovered a security hole that enables SMS spoofing

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