Friday, September 21, 2012

iOS 6 already installed in 15% of the devices

It's no secret that before the start of any new version of iOS, it creates a huge buzz around how to run its new features in our device. In this case there has been no exception, and at this hour millions of iPhone and iPad operating system are completely updated.

During the early hours when iOS 6 was available, iTunes experienced traffic spikes which confirmed this was the version of iOS that was being installed faster in its history.

ios 6 15 por ciento dispositivos 1 iOS 6 ya está instalado en el 15% de los dispositivos

According to a study conducted by the consulting firm Chitika, over 15% of web traffic that came from iOS devices, they did so with the latest version of the operating system. Moreover, this traffic has remained ever since, showing that it is a structural trend, from which we can infer that at least 50 million devices to date.

Although this study has no scientific validity, does give us some idea of what the general trend of users: update on the first day it is available. The truth is that the statistics are collected from data embedded ads in some apps, so the percentage may differ at some points of real data.

ios 6 15 por ciento dispositivos 2 iOS 6 ya está instalado en el 15% de los dispositivos

Also keep in mind that people who upgrade their smartphone will spend more time using it, so that the actual value may be somewhat smaller. In any case, the natural tendency of the Apple devices is to be updated in the few days following the release of a new revision of iOS.

In contrast, data have version 4.1 of Android (Jelly Bean) who, after two weeks on the street was only 1.2% of the devices.

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