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iOS 6 · All new the new iOS

ios6 novedad 650x363 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

New in iOS 6

As punctual as ever, yesterday from 19:00 Spanish time and could download iOS 6, the new version of Apple's mobile operating system. iOS comes with more than 200 changes, although not all are great news, there are also small internal details that enhance its design and operation. In broad terms, the iOS 6 is known for the disappearance of Google maps to make way for Apple to Flyover maps and turn by turn navigation, the addition of Siri with Spanish language (finally, what I could laugh yesterday later by testing), integration with Facebook and Passbook new application, but also much more.

Here we present a summary of most of the new features of iOS 6, you may discover some new!. We started.

New Maps application with Flyover

mapas ios 6 650x413 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

Perhaps the strongest novelty of this new version of iOS. As we have been counting the months leading, Apple has decided to say goodbye to Google maps and implement their own mapping and navigation system. This "divorce" with Google, has also dragged Youtube application, which, as you can see if you've updated, no longer appears. Although in the case of Youtube not too much trouble, since Google has already launched its iOS app and you can download from the App Store.

mza 2095397568113465042 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS
mza 3232081158438617476 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

But do not worry about not having Google Maps, Apple have done their homework. Applying iOS 6 features maps turn navigation with integration of Siri, vector maps with very good design and always oriented in the right direction regardless of the angle at which it rotemos, traffic information in real-time notification of accidents, areas works or traffic jams in order to change the route, and, above all, Flyover, a new 3D view really impressive with high quality images.

Keep in mind that turn navigation and sight Flyover only work on the iPhone 4S, to , fifth-generation iPod Touch, iPad 2 and new iPad 3.

Siri already know Spanish!

siri ios 6 650x363 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

In addition to learning new languages, Siri now know much more. Now is able to answer questions about movies and sports (including the Spanish Football League), launch applications, tweet, Facebook status update, search for restaurants (with new search engine that improves the results) and tell us what they think of him. I must say that I have tried to ask about the Spanish league and I have not gotten anything out of him. That if American sports (basketball, hockey, baseball and football) knows everything.

But Siri not only knows sports and restaurants, you can also show the time, make a voice call or FaceTime, send text messages and reply, write notes, create and modify appointments, play music, write memos and emails, search contacts in the phonebook, find a friend who has shared with us their location, get directions from Maps, local search with Yelp, set the alarm clock, check the bag or find anything else on the Internet.

As you see, all a secretary or clerk at your disposal. That if Siri is only available on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, next generation iPod touch and, for the first time, the iPad 3 (which we have an iPad 2 we were off, sniff).

Full Integration with Facebook

facebook ios6 650x357 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

With iOS 5 we saw that Apple introduced full integration with the social network Twitter. Now with iOS 6 has done the same with Facebook. In addition to updating the state, integration includes calendars, contacts and the ability to share what we buy in the App Store and other stores like iTunes or Apple iBooks with a "Like".

Another novelty I guess you will have seen, is the ability to update our status on Twitter or Facebook directly from the notification center.

Photo Stream, and can be shared!

compartir fotos ios6 650x333 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

So far the only streaming photos shared using the same Apple ID. With iOS 6 we can decide who can see our photos from the Photo Stream folder. The friends who use iCloud on your iOS device, Mac with Mountain Lion and iPhoto or the Apple TV will also be able to immediately comment and say if you like.

And if your friends or family has nothing Apple can also see them from the web. In addition, shared photos that do not take up space on iCloud, and work with WiFi and mobile networks.

New application Passbook

passbook ios6 650x358 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

We talked also about the new application from Apple called Passbook. With this application we can have all our plane tickets, tickets, discount coupons or gift cards organized in one place. Moreover, in theory, we should just pass the iPhone or iPod touch for the scanner to check luggage, go to the movies or redeem a coupon. According to Apple's own description given service, "you can check the items on the lock screen when and where they need them, for example when you get to the airport or if you walk into a store where you can redeem a voucher. And if they change the gate when you've already checked, Passbook tells you, for you do not run so rampant waiting at the wrong terminal. "

The truth is that it looks very nice for the U.S., but how can we use it in Spain somewhere?. For the truth is that it seems to have been accepted and, for now, on the day of release and have it available ticketea, Kinepolis cinemas and the Apple Store, of course. Other companies like TicketMaster, Starbucks, Sephora, Iberia and some others have already announced that they will be compatible.

Passbook is more compatible than the other services, so we can enjoy this app with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 and iPod touch fourth and fifth generation.

New features in the phone application

telefono ios6 650x376 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

Honestly, I the phone for what I use it for less call, is a contradiction but it is. Still, if you use it much as a phone, perhaps you have appreciated the new features Apple added in iOS 6. Now, when we receive a call, we will see a new icon on the lock screen if you slip up we will show two new options: respond quickly with a predefined text message (or writing to us at the time), or set a reminder for call back later.

Furthermore, in iOS 6 has incorporated the new 'Do Not Disturb ", which block calls and notifications within the schedule that you establish, may make exceptions if any emergency.

Improvements in Safari and Mail

safari mail ios6 650x468 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

Safari includes new enhancements such as synchronization via iCloud tabs, full screen mode on the iPhone, offline reading lists or the ability to upload images and videos from our library to websites ready. In addition, Apple's web browser has improved JavaScript engine, which makes it even a little faster.

Meanwhile, the Mail application also receives some improvements. Now we can add videos and photos to e, we can use different signatures as the email account you use, holding down the "New message" will get to draft and we can also define VIP users to more easily find their emails. And if you check mail manually, now you can do it simply by dragging down, just as we do on twitter to check if we have new tweets.

Reaches Panoramas

fotos panoramicas ios6 650x260 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

The panoramic photos come to the iPhone's camera officially. Before we could make with some third party applications, but Apple has improved the system and work much faster and with better quality. Also, if you have an iPhone 5 with its A6 chip you can get panoramic photos up to 28 megapixels!

The panoramic photo function is available only on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and next-generation iPod touch.

Redesign of all Apple stores

app store ios6 650x438 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

If you have already updated you'll notice right away, both the App Store and iTunes and iBook have been redesigned. The first news I saw yesterday is that, in the App Store, when you download an application and does not leave the store and return to the main screen, the download and install in the background without us out of the App Store, something I personally appreciate very not understand why he was leaving the store to install an application. In addition, you no longer ask for the password to update applications that are already installed, otherwise it made no sense.

In iTunes also see two noteworthy developments. One is that we now have a record of the songs we heard a snippet, and synchronized with all our devices. On the other hand, we also see that has disappeared Podcast section, as it now has its own application.

mza 8997730497926029096 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS
mzl.sbjeafmj.480x480 75 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

Much more!

novedades ios6 650x279 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

You thought this was? Everything? Nothing is further from the truth! We summarize all the news that may not look much, but are also very important.

  • New Lost mode: This mode locks the device with 4-digit code and sends a message with our contact number. With this method we can avoid the person who has stolen the phone, or the person who finds it if we lost access to our personal data while still registering its GPS position to use the "Find my iPhone", the which tells us where it is and where it has gone.
  • FaceTime on the mobile network: Now with iOS 6 FaceTime using is no longer limited to the WiFi network.
  • Enhanced Privacy: now we know application by application to data access, in addition to having a new option where you can specify some sites where you do not want to register our activity for advertising (you have it in Settings / General / Information / Advertising).
  • Game Center Improved: Now you can play against a friend no matter what computer you're using (PC or mobile device). It is also integrated with Facebook, like the rest of the system.
  • New languages ​​for the dictionary: Spanish, German and French and iCloud personal dictionary.

reloj ios6 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

  • Clock application in iPad : Apple finally puts the iPad clock. Also, as you can see in the picture, with new features such as a map with the time and weather conditions of the cities we add. We will also have an alarm, stopwatch and timer.
  • Improved HDR photographs.
  • Security Enhancements.
  • Changes in Search for friends now Obviously Apple uses maps. It also includes some new features such as alerts based on location.
  • Location Based Reminders for iPad.
  • IMessage Enhancements: We have unified our emails and phone numbers to get messages across devices, including the iPad and the Mac
  • Songs streaming with iTunes Match.
  • Improved contacts Search: Now search all fields of the contact card, not just in the name.
  • Reorganization Adjustments: We have grouped the options WiFi, Bluetooth or Internet Sharing with Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb.
  • New Emoji icons.
  • Headphone holder "Made for iPhone", VoiceOver enhancements and new features for users with hearing, visual, cognitive and mobility.

ojos libres ios6 650x355 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

  • Function "eyes-free": This feature Siri integrates with upcoming car models from brands such as Toyota, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Honda, Land Rover, among others.
  • Icons Share: Now screen sharing looks with icons instead of text, which we seemed quite necessary.
  • Highlight of words spoken selections.
  • Keyboards and autocorrect improved.
  • Enhancements for the Asian market.
  • New APIs for developers.
  • MAP Bluetooth Support: This feature allows the exchange of messages between two devices, thus facilitating compatibility with hands-free systems such as Ford SYNC car or the BMW iDrive.
  • Songs like alarm tone: Yes, it is possible to select a song as an alarm tone.
  • IPv6 Support in WiFi and LTE.
  • Shortcuts to the App Store: iOS 6 includes a new system with which pages or web services for iOS apps will display a notice on the web with a shortcut to your application in the App Store for download.
  • Redesign of some icons: As you can see have changed some icons like Settings, Clock, Maps and Camera. In the phone application we see a new white keyboard. The Music app has changed its design something, modernized a bit. The weather app has also been slightly polished.
  • Status Bar colors: Now the status bar will change color depending on the application you are running.
  • Tag: "New": If you have installed an application from the upgrade, you will have noticed that now the applications installed but not used with this label.
  • Possibility of using mail account.
  • Spotlight now shows the name of the folder that contains the application.
  • Aplicacionesde preview from the App Store by clicking on the Mail link if someone shares an application with us in this way.
  • Behavior Safari tabs: Now if you open a new tab in Safari, it turns off which have open at the time, and not at the end as before.
  • New wallpapers.

ios6 update 650x333 iOS 6 · Todas las novedades del nuevo iOS

What do you think? Have you found something that we have passed? Feel free to leave it in the comments.

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