Tuesday, September 25, 2012

iMessage automatically detects the international keyboard used with each contact

A few months ago, a Twitter user wrote a tweet in which he asked that iMessage detect and automatically choose the international keyboard for use with every contact we spoke. Now, months later, either by mere chance or because someone read that tweet, it appears that iMessage has granted the wish.

It is the story of a boy who writes in both English iMessage in Italian and continuously changing. Thus, each time he changed recipient, had to go to the international keyboard settings to change. 6 but now with IOS is no longer necessary. And even with the latest version of iOS 5.

Thus, iMessage international keyboard memorized now we use with each of our address book contacts to the point that every time we return to open the conversation with a particular contact, we should not set the keyboard language options. No doubt, a very successful and very useful for those who are used to writing in different languages ​​from your contacts.


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