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Imagine the Apple iPhone 5

iphone 5 preview 622x350 Imaginemos el iPhone 5 de Apple

Apple has not officially confirmed that this year we will have a new iPhone, but it's clear that this is going to be. There has been a new iPhone once a year, every year, since Apple released the first iPhone in 2007. The original iPhone was introduced in January and became commercially available in June of that year. The iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 fueros announced in June and offered for sale shortly thereafter. Last year, Apple changed and introduced and launched the iPhone 4S in October, to everyone's surprise. On July this year we learned that the presentation of the new iPhone would be on September 12 and would be released on September 21. Apple has confirmed the date of filing sending the invitations, but so far we do not know whether to keep the date of release. As we know, Apple, until it comes out on stage and Tim Cook and company confirmed the rumors, nothing is certain.

With this in mind, however, we have reason to believe that some of the leaks that we've seen these months are accurate. We have seen each of them separately, but as we are one impatient and can not wait until Wednesday, we thought it worth collect them all in one items to begin to establish reasonable expectations about the iPhone 5.


design iphone 5 621x350 Imaginemos el iPhone 5 de Apple

The iPhone 5 will look very similar to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with a few notable exceptions. The main visible differences include a 4-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, a metal plate on the back, a FaceTime camera focused on the front, a much smaller dock connector and 3.5mm headphone relocated to the lower terminal.

New Display

iphone 5 concept 622x350 Imaginemos el iPhone 5 de Apple

We analyze in depth a few days ago how is expected to be the iPhone 5 screen . In short it will be a 4-inch screen with 16:9 aspect ratio and 1136 × 640 resolution. Also use In-Cell panels to get scratched a few millimeters to the thickness of the terminal.

New dock connector

iphone 5 dock 621x350 Imaginemos el iPhone 5 de Apple

Back in February we heard that Apple was planning to abandon the traditional 30-pin connector to pass a version of the much smaller. With the iPhone 5 and new technologies such as LTE, Apple will need every inch of space and every milliamp battery I can get. Meanwhile, AirPlay and WiFi sync have reduced the need for physical cables.

Currently there are several rumors about this topic. Some point to the use of the MagSafe connector , the same used by the MacBook line. Others dreamed of a ThunderBolt connector, which is not possible because it requires PCI architecture, which iOS does not have. And others simply want to ensure that all current accessories will serve in the iPhone 5.

4G LTE Compatibility

lte iphone 5 Imaginemos el iPhone 5 de Apple

More or less back in March rumors began to emerge of the possibility of the inclusion of 4G LTE technology in the iPhone 5. It is almost certain that the new iPhone will include LTE but is it only compatible with the networks of the U.S. and Canada as with the iPad? We hope not.


ios 6 passbook 628x350 Imaginemos el iPhone 5 de Apple

Another technology that is expected to see in the iPhone 5 era, the increasingly widespread, NFC. However, it seems that Apple finally not implement this technology in its new smartphone. That if it should be noted that many of the things you can do with NFC can also be made with other technologies such as the Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi Direct, rumored for the iPhone 5.

In any case, Apple is already in talks with other companies to transact only with a mobile application. Passbook is the case we will see in iOS 6.

Hardware of iPhone 5

apple a5 soc21 525x350 Imaginemos el iPhone 5 de Apple

We saw a few days ago the hardware components that can wait for the iPhone 5. The truth is that we have had inside virtually no leakage because, as we said, it is very rare that Apple hardware details that incorporate its terminal. As of Wednesday we will not know for sure that hardware mounted next Apple phone.

No new prices or colors

iphone 5 color concepts Imaginemos el iPhone 5 de Apple

We do not think Apple will be launching a multi-color iPhone. We are almost convinced that Apple will continue the black and white colors only iPhone 5. As for the price, we do not believe that change, since Apple's policy has always been to maintain the same prices when launching new products.


evento apple iphone 5 Imaginemos el iPhone 5 de Apple

Since I started dating rumors about the new iPhone, most press and blogs we call iPhone 5, really not knowing that Apple will name his new creation. Lot also has shuffled the name "new iPhone", under what Apple did with the latest version of the iPad.

Apple has used the 3 twice (iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS) and 4 twice more (iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S) so I could use the 5 other twice (iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S). The iPhone 4 was launched with iOS 5, so I think the operating system does not influence the terminal name.

For obvious reasons of marketing, completely rule out another name for Apple's smartphone than iPhone 5 or iPhone again. However, the invitation sent to the media for the event seems to give some light to this. Have you noticed in the shadow of the 12?

More iPhone 5

In closing, just say that if you are just as eager as us and want to continue reading on Apple's new terminal, you have an entire section dedicated to the iPhone 5 in iPadizate. Do not miss it!

Will you follow the keynote with us? We hope so!

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