Tuesday, September 25, 2012

# Ilost hook to the liver of Motorola and Samsung

By now most iPhoneFan have installed the latest iOS "6" in our device, with many improvements over its predecessor, but with a little problem that is growing like a snowball.

It is the addition of Apple's maps, which although already written about this and we laughed a little, others take advantage and use it as a campaign to promote their devices and make clear this gap by Apple.

The first to draw his sword, MOTOROLA, and I must admit that with grace and foundation, remember that a few months ago Google bought Motorola, and if it is true that Google is the slogan of the slogan "Do not be evil", can make the new family member to counteract the fact that they have given this backstabbing the Cupertino by eliminating native maps and incorporate the "New" from Apple.

Sure we can say, of course, the iPhone and Apple iOS is developed ... and I'm not against this move, as I do not agree, is that it was so fast, so to ride, or as they say over here in the north, as Cuachalote.

I feel I should wait a bit more mature, but as I was about to win the deal with Google, would not continue to pay, and this affects the same policy against Apple, "Giving the best user experience" that contradiction.

To not make the story longer, I leave this good campaign by Motorola and its # ilost, which summarizes all these problems in one image.

This is fully exploited in social networks, as hashtag on twitter , post on Google+ and Facebook .

And other than possibly the more correct term would be "the rebound" is Samsung, who just lost one of the greatest trials that have occurred between brands claiming back between your devices, that although the judgment was by both offenses, Samsung was the most affected.

In the picture we see this hook, lighter but well placed, which refers to the help provided by Google maps.

They also released by the network, as a means of communication and viral faster. Google+ and Facebook .

For my part, I think occasionally you have to give a jolt to Apple and not only them, to all brands to improve their products, competition and benefit most undoubtedly be us, is a good lesson .

Do you guys think?

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