Friday, September 21, 2012

iFixit already dismantling the iPhone 5

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The guys at iFixit have done it again. In their labs already have a unit of iPhone 5 and the first thing they've done with it is disassembled to show us that there are secrets within.

The first good news we see is to replace the broken screen will be much easier. Simply remove the screws at the bottom and use a vacuum to remove the display. This could be done also with the iPhone 4/4S 3G/3GS but the terminal had to disassemble the whole, with the risk of breaking something in the process.

 iFixit ya está desmontando el iPhone 5

It is confirmed that the iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM Elpida DDR2 SDRAM LP. The chipset LTE connectivity manager is MDM9615M Qualcom and is 3.8 V battery with a capacity of 1440mAh.

The Home button seems to have been reinforced to prevent stop functioning properly over time and vibration system now uses a rotary engine counterweight.

You can see the complete gallery of cutting the iPhone 5 in the iFixit website

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