Thursday, September 27, 2012

iBOLT: a secure to carry your iPhone on the bike

Screen Shot 2012 09 26 at 4.40.39 PM iBolt: un soporte seguro para llevar tu iPhone en la bici

If you are fond of bike insurance on more than one occasion you thought you'd have your iPhone handy for listening to music quietly, use the GPS, stopwatch or even a compass. But what we can add to our accessory bike place of a dock for your phone? iBOLT solution brings a new product dubbed Universal Bike Dock iBOLT.

It is a tool that can install on your bike very easily. The iPhone can put it horizontally or vertically and will always be fixed to the support and well protected. The lining of the case offers high resistance against drops and bumps and even we can use it in the rain. The iPhone is always accessible through the transparent cover.

iBOLT Universal Dock is compatible with any phone that has a screen size up to 4.9 inches, so, you can install any iPhone, including the iPhone 5 - inside the case. This accessory will be on sale. News will keep you informed from iPhone.

Article iBOLT: a secure to carry your iPhone on the bike was originally published in News iPhone .

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