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How to sell your old iPhone before upgrading to the iPhone 5

vender movil iphone 5 Cómo vender tu viejo iPhone antes de actualizar al iPhone 5

If you have wanted to buy the new iPhone 5 the first day it hits stores, but I have an iPhone, the sale of this can help offset some the expenditure required to purchase the new Apple smartphone. Most likely you have already chosen the color capacity and iPhone 5 that want to get an idea of ​​how much money you will need to purchase.

So if you want your iPhone before you inherit some family member or use it as a backup phone, try to guide you to sell your old iPhone and get the best possible price.

Getting the best price for your iPhone

vender iphone con accesorios 628x350 Cómo vender tu viejo iPhone antes de actualizar al iPhone 5

Many people who buy second hand iPhone are more likely to use pre-paid services or operators do not offer the iPhone from its terminals, such as Simyo. Here we explain some things you can do to assure that your iPhone will get the best price.

Unlock and / or make the Jailbreak Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone that is currently in a firmware version that is unlockable, probably sell much faster than other iPhone that can not be unlocked. If so you can use tools like ultrasnow to try to unlock it.

On the other hand, another option that can also be a plus, is give the jailbreak . Perhaps you have already done this modification can be an important point for the buyer of your iPhone.

State and photos

The iPhone hold their value quite well, provided you are careful. If you care what you have your iPhone and pristine, you can get to sell it for a little more than someone who has scratched or blows. The key to a quick sale is to make sure you are honest and open in telling the seller the real state of the iPhone.

To give more confidence to prospective buyers, making good quality photos to iPhone today and try to put all possible images in the ad. On the other hand, avoid putting pictures "file" in the ad. Many buyers skip the ads have no pictures or footage and not actual terminal sold. If your iPhone has a small bump or scratch, photography pampering. Buyers will appreciate the honesty and have more confidence in you as sellers.

Includes original accessories and cables

If you have the cables and accessories that came with the iPhone, you have much livestock. If you have the original box, the better. For an even faster sale can include some accessories or bags you've purchased for your iPhone. Overall, if you buy the iPhone 5 will not help you, so you can serve to sweeten the deal and sell your iPhone faster.

Put your iPhone on sale

vende iphone viejo 628x350 Cómo vender tu viejo iPhone antes de actualizar al iPhone 5

Now that you have all the information gathered from your iPhone and you want to clear the accessories included in the sale, it's time to put the ad in the largest possible sites. There are many websites that you can use as well as direct sales pages to meet with buyers.

Let's review some options and other direct sales like eBay where you can get more money for your old iPhone but need a little more patience and perhaps enter negotiations with some buyers.

Apple Recycling Program

Apple gladly I will buy your old iPhone and either sell it again as Refurbished unit, or recycle it. We conducted a series of questions about the condition, and color capabilities of your iPhone. It is important that you be honest, because Apple, of course, check that what they said matches the actual condition once they receive the iPhone.

After stating that the Apple iPhone is in perfect condition, issue a gift card that you can use in Apple stores for any purchase. Most will do to buy the iPhone 5.

Apple's program is offering up to $ 345 for a 64GB iPhone 4S. While it is an easy way to get cash quickly and by selling through other services consigáis surely more money for your iPhone.

Amazon Trade-In Store

Amazon, like Apple, you can also buy your old iPhone for the Amazon Trade-In Store. The only problem is that the payment is made with a gift card from Amazon. If you want cash and do not want to wait for Amazon goes on sale the iPhone 5 may not be the best option.

If you agree with what you pay in Amazon gift card is a fairly simple process. You choose the model, capacity and current color and agregáis. Here we give you a shipping label and instructions. Once Amazon receives your old iPhone, you give Amazon gift card for the value you have given. Currently Amazon is offering around $ 400 for a 16GB iPhone 4, a price well above that offered by Apple.

Eureka Mobile

Eureka Mobile is a service of the many currently available, you get your old phone directly. Simply send the phone and they pay you. Of course, in this type of service, the price you get is quite low, but at least it's direct money. Only select the model and tell the state it is enough. Other services are equal Zonzoo, Vendermovil and many others.

Currently Eureka Mobile is offering € 241 for a 16GB iPhone 4S that are in perfect condition.


The sale of your iPhone on eBay is a fairly simple process. If you've ever used eBay to sell something you already know what is the process of sale, however, you should keep a few things in mind to sell your iPhone. For example, eBay charges a fee for each auction, the commission is based on the article as you sell and sell, among other things, so here we are five basic tips to help you get the most out of the auction:

  1. Send only to Paypal confirmed address if using Paypal.
  2. Put a competitive price, especially if you use the option to Buy It!
  3. Make sure the images you use in your ad are of good quality and be honest in your description.
  4. Use a courier service and be sure to contact you in the item description. People are impatient by nature, so that vendors that offer fast shipping items tend to sell faster.
  5. Use keywords in the title and item description to attract more potential buyers.
  6. You might even consider insuring any product in case something goes wrong in shipping. Beware of buyers with low valuations and also note that Paypal charges processing fees.

Second Hand

Segundamano can put any type of item for sale in your province and city for normally hand transactions. It's a quick way to get money for your old iPhone easily and with dealing directly with the buyer, which can check the device before committing to the purchase. While you are honest about your phone's status and specifications, you should have no problem completing the transaction. We leave some tips for using this service:

  1. Do not put your personal information or home address on an ad.
  2. Put a price on your iPhone competitive. A good way to orient yourself is to look for existing ads that match the model and condition of your iPhone, and look at the price you have set. If your ad appears next iPhone one like yours too and if not get sold.
  3. Put a phone number where you can call, as some buyers prefer to call around to see the ad. If you do not feel comfortable putting your mobile number you can use online services such as mail or Skype.
  4. Meet in a public place, preferably during the day. A coffee shop is such a good place. Not a bad idea either accompany you a friend or relative. While most buyers are normal people, there are people out there of all kinds. If the person does not want to meet in a public place, happens to them and wait for someone who has no problem doing.
  5. Beware email scams, something familiar to all users of Second Hand. Any person who offers more than what you ask is a scammer. Almost anyone who asks that you send the phone to a foreign country is a scammer.

Sell ​​your iPhone to a friend or family member

Although there are willing to break away from your old iPhone for free, does not mean that some friends or family members are not interested in buy it from you. Maybe they do not have an iPhone or not so geeks like you and I do not have the same last model. With this method, you make sure that your old iPhone is in a good home and removes the risk of fraud.

Inquire around you and offer a reasonable price, and you will see how you will be surprised how many friends or family who may be interested. Include accessories can also help.

What about you, are you going to sell your current iPhone to buy the iPhone 5 ?

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