Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar from your iPhone / iPod Touch

Do you have a problem with any Apple product? If you have an Apple Store nearby, you should know that all feature a Genius Bar, a place where skilled technicians will help us resolve the issues that we have with any product of the company.

To use this service, not enough (in most cases) to go to the store, but we advise making an appointment. If we are not, we might not be able to respond, having made a wasted trip. We will explain the steps to make an appointment at a Genius Bar correctly:

  1. First, we have to unburden the official implementation of the Apple Store , which is compatible only with the iPhone and iPod Touch.
  2. Once will agree to it, we go to paragraph Stores. This is where we will display the nearest Apple Store based on our location.
  3. Then hit Genius Bar, where you can select which device to have our incidence.
  4. Once selected, choose the date and time that best comes to us (we can only book today to 7 days view, ie, one week).
  5. When we schedule and the date and time chosen, there is a section entitled How can we help? In which we write the object of our advocacy provided from the Apple Store know what happens before we even hear us.
  6. Finally, just press the Book It button.

We add to our calendar appointment if you wish, which will appear in our notifications to remind us.

We can only go to the Apple Store, where we receive and corroborate our appointment, passing below the Genius in question to, why not say, impeccable treated as expose and treat the incident.

You should know that from the application can also make reservations for products, sign up to various free workshops that Apple makes available, quote us on a One to One to configure our devices or using the new EasyPay function, which as we saw .

Apple Store

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