Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to get your cheaper smartphone

With the release of the iPhone 5 , many users have begun to think about renewing your terminal. Others have never had a smartphone, but are slowly seeing these little devices are here to stay, so it would be good idea to becoming one.

Fortunately, the range of prices, models and features is large enough so that the expectations of each are met. In many cases, the determining factor is the price, so it is crucial to know how to get our desired smartphone save some euros.

In this article we will review some of the ways we have to reduce the cost of a good smartphone. For example, the operators usually offer good prices to change into his residence program, with which we will have to be between one and two years using their flat rates.

conseguir smartphone mas barato Cómo conseguir tu smartphone más barato

Another interesting option is to sell your old smartphone, with the idea that we can win a few euros to reinvest in a new terminal. There are many websites specialized in buying used devices, most notably Apple's official website, we will buy our old iPhone or iPad to an acceptable amount.

The bad news is that with this option you will have to spend the money on Apple products. However, looking online you can get a few more euros scratching at sites like Zonzoo or MovilVerde. We will pay by bank transfer, and collection is free.

The last option is to purchase second-hand websites. It is perhaps the place where we can get better performance for our device, but instead must negotiate the price with the prospective buyer, and take care that comes properly.

Have you used any of these options? How was your experience?

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