Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to check if the UDID of your iPhone has been leaked

Screen Shot 2012 09 04 at 1.41.19 PM Cómo comprobar si el UDID de tu iPhone ha sido filtrado

A few hours ago we reported that the hacker group AntiSec leaked online a million UDIDs owned iPhones. This information had been obtained through an FBI stolen laptop and the controversy has not been long in coming: why has the FBI is personal information of millions of users?

According to a statement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, "are aware of the news, but so far have not found any evidence to indicate that one of their computers was stolen or that the U.S. agency had collected this type of information." So the FBI now washes his hands.

Although AntiSec has released a UDIDs million on its website, the organization says hackers have up to 12 million identifiers found in the FBI's computer.

Is your UDID between one million filtering? You can check through their 'safe- LastPass . To do this you have to insert the last five digits of your UDID. This is how you get the handle of your iOS device:

  • Connect iPhone to iTunes
  • Click on the name of the device and go to Serial Number
  • Click on the Serial Number and get your UDID

Although your UDID is not on the page, can be committed within 11 million identifiers AntiSec leaked yet. Hopefully the FBI respond quickly to this controversy.

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