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How does the iPhone 5?

fabricacion iphone 5 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 is performed with a precision worthy of the best Swiss watches, with the guarantee of quality expected of a smartphone from Apple. Not only is marketing. From some reports appeared, everyone seems to agree that Apple has outdone itself with the iPhone 5.

In order to avoid being overtaken by the competition (the Galaxy S III has grown tremendously in sales), Apple has upped the ante for the build quality, traditionally its area of ​​expertise. The manufacturing precision and craftsmanship with mass manufactured in the new iPhone is enough to get the colors to any manufacturer of gadgets.

Since the light texture of the back, to its beveled edge with a nice gloss polished. Apple was so confident in its manufacturing prowess that the company was pleased to boast unique production techniques that have been developed in order to manufacture the new iPhone.

Jony Ive, senior vice president of Industrial Design at Apple, gives us more light on the process of production of the iPhone 5 in Video Apple yesterday.

jany ive presentacion iphone 5 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

Jony Ive said:

"To create the new iPhone started with the design that we loved. But to build it, to implement it, we had to look beyond what we knew was possible.

It took all of our learning, all our thinking, realize something so simple, so clear and so truly extraordinary. "

In order to create a product with this level of fit, finish and manufacturing sophistication, Apple had to develop production processes that I've cataloged it as his "most complex and ambitious project."

Here are some pictures of how they make unibody iPhone 5 with its shiny beveled edge.

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 11 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 2 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 3 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

The end result: the almost mirror finish beveled edge of the iPhone 5.

And how do the metal plate back in two shades?

According to Apple:

"The back of the iPhone 5 is made ​​of anodized aluminum 6000 series (the same material used for brand notebooks) inlaid on the top and bottom glass ceramic (in white and silver model) or glass pigmented (in black color model and slate). "

The unibody production of iPhone 5 presents a challenge, since all parts must match perfectly. Otherwise, customers will notice and feel the imperfections in the joints. How Apple has solved this challenge?

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 4 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 5 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 6 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 7 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

With the piece on the conveyor, two powerful cameras take images of the body (and by "high power" Apple get a whopping 29 megapixels) conducting analysis and determining which is the best of the 725 possible cuts.

Then these pieces come together perfectly with results highly precise manufacturing, where changes from one to another iPhone 5 are measured in microns, ie one millionth of a meter.

How do In-Cell panels using the iPhone 5?

This is what Apple says:

"Making a thinner and lighter iPhone meant that the screen had to be even thinner. Apple engineers were able to create the first Retina display with integrated touch technology.

This means that instead of having a separate layer between the contact electrodes of the display pixels, the pixels do a double function, namely to act as a contact electrode sensor while the image is displayed simultaneously.

With one less layer between the user and the iPhone 5, what you see on the screen is clearer than ever. All on a screen 30% thinner than before. "

Another example of the amazing quality of the iPhone 5 is the sapphire cover the iSight camera lens.

Why sapphire?

Because sapphire is more durable than thin glass cover that has the iPhone 4/4S, and because keeping the optics in perfect condition is crucial to the performance of the camera.

Here several pictures of producing sapphire cover carrying the lens.

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 8 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 9 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 10 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 111 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

Incidentally, the hardness of sapphire glass is second only behind the diamond, which means that the lens surface of the iPhone 5 is unlikely to reach scratch.

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 12 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

But why Apple is so worried about things that many users do not appreciate at all? Is, the iPhone 5 is just a phone, right?

"We go to such extremes that is the only way to provide this level of quality.

We have developed manufacturing processes that have been our most complex and ambitious project. Never before have we built a product with this extraordinary level of fit and finish. "

Adjusted and finish, it is clear that the materials and manufacturing processes are the life of Jony Ive.

But what gives us this to us, the consumers?

"These techniques create a dramatic difference between the light texture of the back and the beveled edge polishing."

A majority of people do you think will happen in the difficulties he has faced Apple to enable iPhone 5 very soft feel when you have it on hand.

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 13 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

For me, obviously, this means that Apple has done an amazing job. People only realize the build quality of the iPhone when they pick up another phone and see their design is ugly and the best material to use is plastic. That's when you start to wonder why some companies make phones with huge screens and technical characteristics oeuvres and yet, when you catch it you keep hearing the cracking of plastic carcarsa.

In conclusion, what is unique about the process of manufacturing the iPhone 5 is "how you feel when you have it in hand", the materials are as accurate as their manufacturing process.

In short, no small detail for Apple, their products all take care to detail. This is what makes the difference.

proceso fabricacion iphone 5 14 ¿Cómo se hace el iPhone 5?

The design of the iPhone 5 is not only your appearance, how it works and also includes materials and build quality. Do you think that is something to keep in mind when choosing a smartphone?

All the info on the iPhone 5 at the following link:

Apple iPhone 5

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