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How does the increase in VAT to Apple products

iva21apple 650x370 Cómo afecta la subida del IVA a los productos Apple

VAT rise and Apple products

As we all know, yesterday September 1 raised the VAT in Spain. Apple products are not spared from this climb, so in the early hours of Friday to Saturday closed the online Apple Store to apply the changes. Not that the rise has been great, but one thing that is noticed.

For example, the entry price of the iPad was € 399 before the rise, while now it has been in 410 €. Logically, the more expensive the product more noticeable. We leave a little summary of how prices have been input for each product:

  • As I said, the entry price of the iPad goes from 399 € to 410 €. The new iPad now costs € 492.
  • The entry price of the iPhone passes of 349 € to 358 €. The iPhone 4S is € 614 in its most economical.
  • The entry price of the iPod touch passes from 185 € to 190 €.
  • The MacBook Air goes from € 1,049 to € 1,075.
  • The MacBook Pro goes from € 1,249 to € 1,281.
  • The MacBook mini passes of 599 € to 614 €.
  • The iMac goes from 1,145 € to 1,174 €
  • The Mac Pro goes from € 2,599 to € 2,665.

appstore iva 650x487 Cómo afecta la subida del IVA a los productos Apple

But while the hardware has risen, the good news is that the price of applications, movies, music and books has not changed. We assume that no price increase application is because the company headquarters iTunes Sarl, which Apple uses iTunes to manage their stores in Europe, is headquartered in Luxembourg and will not affect taxes in Spain .

What do you think the new prices for Apple hardware?

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