Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Here's what's new Rovio: 'Bad Piggies'

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Lack little to publicize the new Rovio game series: 'Bad Piggies', a title that promises to become something more than just a spin-off of the well-known 'Angry Birds'. In this new game control the antagonists of the series of birds and their goal, how could it be otherwise, is to steal as many eggs as possible.

This week we have seen the first video showing details of the gameplay. That's over the slingshot: pigs will have to build their own vehicles to gain the angry birds eggs. Rovio making his latest title, 'Amazing Alex', the option of building elements with objects that the game offers. So, we can unleash our creativity to build million vehicles for the protagonists.

'Bad Piggies' is available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC on 27 September.

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Article So Rovio's new 'Bad Piggies' was originally published in News iPhone .

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