Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Habemus LTE with Movistar

Well, at this time of day all have read about the LTE network, LTE if read correctly, it will launch Movistar in Mexico, earning the submission to the other two companies about introducing this new network in Aztec lands.

Actually if I actual LTE network is a big step, and a great sign of the possibility of the iPhone 5 in October in Mexico's telecommunications, since this network can compete with WiFi networks in our homes, which will the mobile experience to the next step.

However, as expected net income this will not be the same as the 3G, movistar public and their rates for LTE broadband, need to know how much it costs in a mobile computer.

I hope not to go as when he left the iPhone 4, which movistar telcel ad sale and waited until the last day to get it out one day before him in order movistar movistar some importance. But this tells us that the LTE network will be a reality in Mexico, and that we have no legal obstacles to its release, so I hope other companies will soon launch it soon.

As a curious note in the promotional video noted that differences 4G and LTE, as they are already promoted its HSPA + network as 4G and could not do a 4.5 or 5G with LTE hahaha, to me amused

Thanks to @ Pedals, @ lapuraverdura, @ Fede for the tip = D

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