Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goophone I5, copy the iPhone 5 could sue Apple

goophone 586x350 Goophone I5, copia del iPhone 5 que podría demandar a Apple

Everyone knows that the Chinese are specialists in copy everything. Goophone is a company that is in the market with various designs copied Android phones, and not only to Apple, Samsung also eg. This time has gone further and has launched a smartphone with the design of the iPhone 5 which will be presented on 12 September , at least we know the design by leaks.

The model in question is called Goophone I5 and you can see it in the pictures accompanying the text. It's just a cheap copy of the iPhone 4S that have changed the rear to emulate the design of the iPhone 5 with metal back and all. Inside has installed Android 4.1 Jellybean with a modification to make the system look like iOS.

gophonei5 526x350 Goophone I5, copia del iPhone 5 que podría demandar a Apple

But the strangest thing of all this is that the company has declared Goophone has patented this design in China, and if Apple dares to launch a phone with this design in China will not hesitate to sue Apple for violation patent.

The truth is that it sounds like a joke, but we must not forget that Apple already had to pay $ 60 million to the company Proview to lose a trial in China for the iPad trademark, which Apple had already purchased to the same company for years, but by a much smaller amount. So anything is possible.

When Apple launched the iPhone 5 in China check if Goophone threats were serious or is simply a marketing campaign of this company.

Will you follow the keynote with us? We hope so!

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