Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Google teaches how will your next application of Google Maps

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The motion to set aside some Google services in iOS 6 is something that is liked by many users. Losing the services of Google Maps or YouTube app seemed, a priori, a bad decision that only harmed us users of the platform.

In Current iPhone and we invite you to stay calm before such a decision as this only meant that Google was reaching individual and free applications for Apple restore what we had taken. In addition, the search company will seize the opportunity to develop an application to your liking to substantially improve we have had since 2007.

This we can see in the video teaser of the future implementation of Google Maps. Believe that words are unnecessary and leave it to your judgment and assessment to decide which of the two applications are going to use maps in your device (Apple or Google Maps) .

It is unknown release date of the new version of Google Maps for iOS but seeing the title "Hello world", I think the wait will be even longer.

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Source - The Best of iOS

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