Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Google Play reaches 675,000 applications

By now, many will agree that a smartphone's hardware makes no difference. What makes the difference is the software, we can do with the operating system and applications we have available.

Today we learned that Google, Apple's main competitor in the field of mobile operating systems, has reached the 675,000 apps in its store indexed, the Google Android Play.

Not quite a month after the U.S. giant announced it had reached the 500,000 threshold terminal activations (accumulated since the release of Android 1.0). In fact, at this point are activating 70,000 tablets and 1.3 million smartphones every day.

675 aplicaciones google play store Google Play alcanza las 675.000 aplicaciones

As much as Apple seeks to ignore, these numbers should scare you. While the App Store has an enviable health, with more than 750,000 applications and over 425 million iOS devices, the unstoppable growth of smartphones in the world forced to think that Google will soon surpass all the figures.

Still, the company's mazana reached 25 billion downloads of apps in March, seven months before Android. To celebrate their special milestone, Google will put on sale during the next five days a number of applications. Some games Gameloft, Electronic Arts and Rovio will be available only $ 0.25 each.

The deals also include movies, books and music. As a result, it is likely that before the end of the year to see how Apple surpasses Google also in number of application downloads. However, users of both platforms have one thing clear. In general, the quality of iOS apps are above those of Android, and the filter is that Apple is putting most severe enough to prevent waste applications.

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