Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Google might take a while to launch its iOS Maps application

ios 6 maps 621x350 Google podría tardar bastante en lanzar su aplicación de Mapas para iOS

Apple has a year according to Google Maps, it seems, and Mountain View did not expect them out of Apple iOS 6 and launched its own Maps application so soon. What does this mean? Well, apparently, been caught unawares Google and Google Maps app for iOS still take several months to be available in the App Store. This is what follows from several stories that have been published today.

Kevin Krolicki, Reuters, speaking on something you said Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google:

"" We thought it would have been better if they had kept our maps. But what do I know?. What do we do?, Not going to force change his mind. "Schmidt told a small group of reporters in Tokyo."

Schmidt also said that Android had been "kicking ass" to the iPhone 5 and yet, does not enjoy the same kind of attention from the media who are obsessed with Apple.

Bloomberg also picked up a quote from Schmidt in the same event in Tokyo:

"" We have not done anything yet with Google Maps, "Schmidt told reporters in Tokyo. Apple "must approve. It's your choice, "said Schmidt, who declined to say whether the Mountain View, California, had submitted the application to Apple for download through the App Store."

Chris Ziegler of The Verge, meanwhile, said that Google was caught off guard by Apple:

"Apple's decision to use its own set of maps on the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 took a year before the agreement to use Google Maps expired, according to two independent sources close to the situation. The decision, taken shortly before the Apple WWDC in June, Google made ​​is put to work quickly to launch the Google Maps app on iOS, both sources claim application is still incomplete and that will take several months to reach the App Store. "

And, on the other hand, Nick Wingfield and Claire Cain Miller of The New York Times, say that making the application independent of Google Maps is complicated, first because they already have the Google Earth application, but also because:

"The agreement with Apple to keep Google Maps application on the iPhone still had time before expiring, and Google did not know that Apple had changed his mind until Apple publicly said in June, when it announced it would replace Google maps for their own application. "

Although, frankly, if it is true that Google discovered that Apple was doing its own Maps application when it was announced at WWDC, the Mountain View are reading the wrong blogs. At the time Apple bought mapping company Placebase in July 2009, the alarm bells should have gone to Google and, since then, they should have started working on a separate application for iOS, and being ready for a spin as the events which occurred.

In any case, users of iOS 6 will have to continue to provide corrections to the Apple database, and those who desperately want to Google Maps back to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you probably will irremediably condemned to use the web version for the coming months.

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