Monday, September 10, 2012

Google Drive is updated, can now be edited!

Google Drive is one of those services that the more you use it, the more indispensable you do and you work easier.

I'll try to explain very roughly, since it would be best to experiment with it yourself, so full of resource.

The only thing needed is to use either Google Gmail account or Google Apps. Since they can access the service through any computer, brand or religion, or mobile device with iOS or Android.

It is basically a storage system in the "Cloud", similar to Dropbox, but with the benefits of having integrated Google services.

With it, you can save a document directly to your email, (virtually any Office document) view, edit, share it with one person, group or public. They can only issue permits to view or edit, etc.. You can also download a small program to your computer and sync a folder and directly with the cloud.

Best of all is that you do not need the document on your device and changes are made in real time, and it is possible to work offline, you decide which files give that function, desgargas to your device and go.

The novelty of this new version is the one I personally was expecting since it was launched, to edit from the iOS App also now can upload photos and videos.

Give yourself the opportunity to try

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