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Get organized with EsferaiPhone September (third): Comparison of the best apps for task management

It is now September and, with it, most of which have enjoyed a holiday period, we have to return to work daily. These are some difficult days in which we have to re-adapt to schedules, meetings, presentations or simply to organize the schedule with work or personal commitments that we have no choice but to comply.

From EsferaiPhone want this transition as easy as possible, so we have made ​​a comparison of those applications for iOS platform that can be helpful to organize our time and agenda.

These are: Wunderlist, Firetask and OmniFocus.

Following are the salient features of each of them focusing on the pros and cons that we can find. We hope to help in this way, the process of choice for each application that will be the favorite when it comes to managing their tasks.

Before we begin, we specify that each is available, among other languages, in Castilian.


We begin by analyzing this simple but powerful application, main feature that gives the relevance between users. Stresses cared mostly for its minimalist interface, which can be edited to your liking.

There is the option to create tasks or reminders loose. Not only that, but we can make and create lists of tasks, giving each of them a certain priority or importance, establishing a hierarchical nature. In turn, the application gives you the option to share the list with whoever we want (by mail or through the contact list on the device).

The great potential of this application is based on synchronization with other devices. It has version iPad, iPhone and MacOSX, so the synchronization is complete and also each is available for free.

In short, it's a great feature to have organized the different tasks, allowing also creating lists. This and their ability to share, give it a point in his favor that decanted to the user who needs a simple and powerful application for managing your time to this app.



While this application is quite similar to the previous, its interface is very attractive thanks to the options offered. From our point of view, everything is a whole lot more colorful than in the previous case, which at a certain point, we can be more helpful to identify actions.

The application allows us to establish both odd jobs such as lists, but an important detail is that you can assign an icon to each. Thus, at a glance, we know what kind of task is identifying this customization.

As for the timing, this is total between iPad (7.99 €), iPhone (4.99 €) and MacOSX (31.99 €), with the disadvantage that you have just seen: each payment is not universal , so that the purchase is independent for each of the devices. However, in its version for MacOSX, there is the opportunity to unburden a trial version to test the application.

In short, if you are interested in user interface customization and otorgáis much importance to the visual aspect, Firetask definitely cover all your needs in a clean and orderly.



Finally, we discuss OmniFocus, the application within the three options, it seemed fuller because of the possibilities it offers.

For example, not only allows us to create tasks, or synchronize lists between both devices and in the cloud, but gives us the ability to geotag the different events that we schedule on the agenda. This feature is very interesting that, at any given time, you may set route schedules to manage the time spent traveling between both tasks in a much more efficient. It also gives the option to attach a picture to the task.

Another of its main features is the integration with Siri voice assistant, soon will his jump into Castilian, which we use in this language.

OmniFocus has iPad and iPhone version (both for € 15.99) and MacOSX (31.99 €) through the Mac App Store.

In short, this is a very comprehensive and does not allow customization of the interface, has a good design. Also compensates this point with all the options offered, especially the location of events. Nevertheless, we think that not all users are willing to pay its price, considering other options as previously discussed in this post that may meet your needs perfectly.

OmniFocus for iPhone | OmniFocus for iPad

Here you have a summary table of the most important pros and cons of each of the applications:









Perfect for users who start in task management


Careful and clear interface

Geolocation task

Integration with Siri


You can stay low on options for certain users

There is universal for iOS platforms


After assessing the various opinions that have been leaving us and from our point of view, these have been the most used applications in general about task management. However, remember that you can find many more in the App Store, starting with Apple's own iOS and MacOS X, Reminders and followed by other extremely popular as Flow, Things, Do or Clear.

Flow | Things

Do | Clear

And you, have you tried these apps? Since we love to hear EsferaiPhone your opinions about your experiences with task managers. Feel free to send us your opinion!

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