Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fu-Design: unique cases for your iPhone

fu design Fu Design: fundas únicas para tu iPhone

Fu-Design is an online store that offers cases for our iPhones and iPhones 4/4s 3G/3Gs with unique designs made ​​by a Taiwanese artist based in New York. We face some unique cases, as each model has made ​​a limited stock. Once you have sold all cases of that model is no longer manufactured.

The Fu-Design covers two parts with slip strips to keep our phones safe and can be quickly attached to our iPhones. Although different models give us direct access to the volume buttons, camera, lock / unlock, charger, anytime we can decouple the bottom to place your iPhone in any dock.

You can become a case of Fu-Design for $ 37 (about 28 euros). The web offers international cast. Stay tuned this week to Update iPhone because we have a surprise for all our supporters.

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