Saturday, September 22, 2012

Four new listing of iPhone 5

Apple has released four new ads for its flagship product, the iPhone 5 . Not that I desperately need to sell terminals, but they are always nice to see and convince new customers.

Apple ads have always had a lot of personality, and indeed have inspired other companies for their marketing campaigns. They are short and direct, will show you the sensations and possibilities of the new terminal, without drowning the user with tables and performance specifications.

nuevos anuncios iphone 5 Cuatro anuncios nuevos del iPhone 5

These four new television ads appeared last night on the Apple website. How could it be otherwise, focus on showing the main features of its latest smartphone. Among them, the most screen, its panoramic shooting mode or slimmer profile.

Here are the four ads. Each has a characteristic name. You can see them all, do not take more than a couple of minutes total.

The first, Thumbs, talks about his handling with one hand.

The second, Cheese, shows how easy it is to use your camera and improved landscape mode.

The third, Physics, summarizes some terminal characteristics, such as new maps or slimmer profile.

The fourth, Ears, talks about the new EarPods (headphones included with the iPhone 5).

It would be naive to think that these ads are not designed to maximize awareness for demand terminal. Knowing that the iPhone 5 is breaking all records of sales and reservations, additional thrust may add a few thousand sales ahead of the coming months. Next week will surely see one of these ads on television in Spain.

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