Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Five Fox says the iPhone 5 has laser keyboard and holographic display

ventas iPhone 51 648x650 Fox Five dice que el iPhone 5 tiene teclado laser y pantalla holográfica

Living investigative journalism! xD

Fox 5 News program that is broadcast in New York yesterday, a reporter sent to queues that have formed at the doors of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue to buy the iPhone 5 . This video is seen as the reporter interviews a guy who seems to be the first in line and then, inexplicably, shows a video that looks a ultra-thin iPhone 5 frameless actually was a concept that made ​​a amateur back in August 2011, nothing to do with the iPhone 5 that Apple announced last week. Then the story goes on to explain some new features of the iPhone 5 and again incorrectly.

"From $ 200, the iPhone 5 is thinner, has a laser keyboard, holographic images and other new features."

These features appear in the same video concept that the iPhone is ultra thin. Understandably not a news network like Fox not perform a simple research on a product before reporting it to the audience.

We leave here the video of the news:

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